Along with the arrival of the family of graphs based on Kepler, GeForce GTX 600, NVIDIA has released a solution to the traditional problem of tearing in games and 3D renderings, NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync Video.

NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync Video

This NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync Video can’t be easily understand by the words, you can check the below embedded video for the details which will explain you this Sync Video.

NVIDIA has managed to implement a method whereby if a scene is not possible to reach 60 Hz (60 fps) disables vertical sync automatically. This will avoid the annoying tugs and shuttering that appears in those situations. Well, this was all about NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync Video still many people have this question that what actual this effect is, so now you are aware you may aware others also and share our link with your friends also.